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How to choose the right private school

Private schools vary in Ontario giving parents an abundance of options. Parents will often drive across municipalities to be at the school of choice. Nevertheless for most families affordability of tuition fees and convenience determine school choice.

Many parents may not realize how private schools vary and how this variability impacts their child's education. Below are the most common types of private schools:

Traditional Schools:

Traditional schools tend to be teacher directed or teacher centered. Most instruction is delivered in a socratic or lecture style where teachers teach at the front of the class and students sit in rows. Traditional styles are often found in established schools.

Faith Based Schools:

Faith Based Schools are fairly self explanatory. There is a faith component that is integrated into the curriculum. Perhaps this is a separate discipline that is required for students to take but most often students are immersed in faith based practices throughout the day.

Hands-On/Student Centered:

Student centered approaches tend to be Montessori, Reggio or Waldorf schools that value collaborative opportunities.

Montessori values classrooms comprised of multi grades and ages. Students may learn at their own pace or in groups. Montessori schools must follow Montessori principles and teaching practices.

Reggio Emilia value independent thinking and learning through discovery. Teachers act as facilitators and have a less direct impact in directing learning.

Waldorf values experimental learning for the whole child (hands, heart and head). Waldorf schools must follow Waldorf principles and teaching practices.

Single Gender Schools:

Single Gender Schools believe in gender learning differences and provide environments that cater to gender specific populations.

What style does Delano Academy Fall into?

Delano is unlike any other school. We beat to our own drum and we challenge and transform the traditional notion of education.

Delano Academy is a university prep IB school as we prepare students with an outstanding world class curriculum.

The biggest difference between Delano Academy and other IB schools is how we engage in 21st century learning practices and teaching methods. We value best teaching and learning practices from top countries around the world. We teach with the Ontario Curriculum as our benchmark.

We extend learning and daily experiences with exceptional resources, trips, 21st century practices and state of the art facilities that provide a well rounded education. Athletics, Arts, Academics, and Character Development support a well rounded program at Delano Academy.

However, we enrich the curriculum with greater opportunities and unique experiences that most schools do not provide their students in daily curriculum. This enriches learning at a whole new level.

If you're not happy with where your child's education is going then change directions and change schools.

Mrs. Palombo

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