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Grade 6 Review

This school is awesome.


11 years old

She loves Language & Science.

She wants to be a Physician.

Her big brother graduated Delano Academy.

She moved homes and is far away, but misses us.

She is the archetype of an IB student.

She completed her Grade 5 Exhibition on Plastic Bag waste.

She is an alumni and will always be a part of our school.

She grew up with her class cohort since 4 years old.

We miss her dearly.




Grade 1 Review

This school is cool.


6 years old

She loves STEAM at our school.

She loves engineering & art.

She wants to be a designer.

She dreams that she is a princess.

We know that she already is.

Her mind is magical.

This kid is going places.

Grade 5 Review

This school is caring.


10 years old

He loves Math & Science.

He wants to be a veterinarian.

He's thinking of getting his MBA.

He is still deciding.

He is the archetype of an IB student.

He has an excellent work ethic.




Grade 5 Review

This school is amazing.

Valerio & Alessio

10-year-old twins

They love French & Phys-Ed.

They both want to be Engineers.

Valerio is studious and is a basketball star.

Alessio loves technology & coding.

These boys are always smiling & happy.

Everything they do is heartfelt.

They have superior conflict resolution skills.



Grade 5 Review

This school is epic.


10 years old

She loves French, math, science & all arts.

Future performer & engineer.

She has a phenomenal voice.

This girl is multi-talented.

She is practicing signing her autograph.

We were first to have her autograph.

She wants to be a star.

We know she already is.


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