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Delano Academy private preschool Richmond Hill



gifted bright high achieving

We teach values by treating our students with respect. We listen attentively and give our undivided attention to each student. Students are not hurried.
Students are adored unconditionally. We empower our students first so that they reach limitless learning potential. All students are worthy and appreciated.
We firmly believe in positive based teaching and shaping learning experiences. We appreciate the process of learning and we guide and support our gifted students so they value their accomplishments. We encourage collaboration, communication and curiosity. Every moment is a teachable moment in early student-life experiences.
Students are stimulated by exploring new and challenging experiences. Teachers encourage self-expression as students develop confidence and character. Resiliency is valued.
We provide the milieu for gifted & bright students to develop as global citizens exploring the wonders of their world. Every student is encouraged to reach uncharted territory and improve confidence and self-esteem.
We celebrate the journey of learning.


We are a community that promotes complete student wellness.


We challenge every student to be principled and live with dignity.


We encourage stewardship within local and global contexts.


We encourage students to develop agency.


We encourage global-mindedness and leadership.

We encourage creativity, innovation and a culture of design thinking. 

We provide an environment that fosters intercultural understanding and intercultural fluency.


We help gifted & bright students raise their standards and reach their personal best.

There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul
than the way in which it treats its children.
-Nelson Mandela

We believe

that every student has

limitless learning potential

We are Vaughan's choice as an IB candidate University Preparatory Private School.

We are DIFFERENT from any other boutique private school.

We believe strongly in a balance between Academics, Arts, Athletics and Character Development.


We are cutting edge, progressive in education, but conservative in our values.

We teach strategies to improve skills. Learning is life-long. We help high-achieving students 'Learn to Learn.'


We do not limit ourselves by adhering to only one specific style such as Montessori or Reggio Emilia. Gifted education is beyond one style or method of teaching. It is dynamic and whole, continually changing and improving combining the best elements of education.


We support life-long learning beyond university into real LIFE.

Delano Academy is founded on the principles of individualized education.

We equip our bright & high-achieving students with 21st Century Skills for a changing world.

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