This school is progressive.

The Head of School is fantastic and a visionary.  With Mrs. Polambo at the helm and her team of utterly dedicated, compassionate and progressive teachers, the students at Delano Academy have a learning environment in which they can thrive and discover. Highly recommended!!

Mrs.Devika Ratnayake

Mom of two sons

This school is empowering.

My husband and I  are extremely happy to have our daughters attend an IB school true to the IB standards and more. Sandy you have a passion and dedication towards education and not just any education a very forward thinking educational system empowering young minds and encouraging critical thinking. I know the initial change for us emotionally wasn't easy but my girls adjusted and were so ready for your school. Thank you to you and your staff for a smooth transition and your continued dedication to being better and growing. We are extremely grateful and know we made the best choice in schools❤

Mrs. Zoe Prassoulis

Mom of two daughters





The origin of the school name Delano has English, Gaelic, Celtic, Jewish, French and Italian origin. Its' meaning is diverse but has been associated with the Alder Tree Grove. "The Alder Tree Grove reminds us of the need to blend strength and courage with generosity of spirit and compassion. There is a time to challenge things and a time to hold our peace.  The alder teaches us this discrimination and the need to see beneath the surface of things."

-The Wisdom of Trees, Jane Gifford.

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Thornhill Campus

200 Racco Parkway,

Vaughan, L4J 8X9


North Maple Campus

2600 Major Mackenzie

Maple, L6A 1C1

Tel: 905. 237. 7315

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Ministry of Education ID Number (BSID) 884533


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