One child,

One teacher,

One pen and

One book

Can change the world.


Malala Yousafzai


Delano Academy has a reputation for its strong curriculum.

The Ontario Ministry Curriculum Expectations act as the foundation for learning.

Then the curriculum is enhanced with an IB worldview, giving our students a head start.

We embrace a changing world in education.

Delano is a place of rigorous curriculum standards, worldly education aligning itself with the  prestigious International Baccalaureate-IB world school standards.

Gifted learners feel challenged with richer learning opportunities that support their unique learning profile. Our natural teaching lends well to gifted learners with greater opportunities for higher level critical thinking, problem solving, design thinking and global mindedness. 

Delano is a place where students learn that anything is possible.

We prepare students for life-long learning.

We prepare gifted students to 'learn how to learn', not simply how to 'rote learn' and pass a test.

At Delano we educate gifted students for a future that they haven't dreamed of yet.

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education, for most people,

means trying to lead the child to resemble the typical adult of his society.


But for me, education means making creators.

You have to make inventors, innovators,

not conformists.


Jean Piaget

world class education

With sound research in international educational practices, we have sourced the best resources and materials to enrich learning for our students. Coupled with a strong framework in child development and student wellness, our curriculum is world class supporting our students as global citizens.


The origin of the school name Delano has English, Gaelic, Celtic, Jewish, French and Italian origin. Its' meaning is diverse but has been associated with the Alder Tree Grove. "The Alder Tree Grove reminds us of the need to blend strength and courage with generosity of spirit and compassion. There is a time to challenge things and a time to hold our peace.  The alder teaches us this discrimination and the need to see beneath the surface of things."

-The Wisdom of Trees, Jane Gifford.

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Thornhill Campus

200 Racco Parkway,

Vaughan, L4J 8X9


North Maple Campus

2600 Major Mackenzie

Maple, L6A 1C1

Tel: 905. 237. 7315

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