our difference



Small community school culture.


Coeducational & nondenominational.


Intensive, cross-disciplinary and  cross-curricular for enriched learning.


Cutting edge technology-enriched school.


Experiences and learning opportunities carefully integrated to take learning beyond the microcosm of the school.


Gifted teaching & learning.


High-performance learning.


Accelerated and enriched differentiated curricula.


Fully Accredited with the Ontario Ministry of Education.


World-class curriculum and international educational standards.


Whole-child & student-centred approach.


Balance of Arts, Academics, Athletics and Character Development.


Exposure to educational curriculum not offered in traditional schools.


Progressive curriculum and teaching practices. Conservative values.


Positive based behavioural approach.


Bilingual and bicultural studies.


Partnering with Ontario Healthy School's Coalition, True Sport, WE Schools, Ontario Eco-Schools.


Laboratory school partnering with local colleges and universities for best practices.






education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

-albert einstein