Students do not come in standard shapes or sizes, nor do their abilities and personalities.

Sir Kenneth Robinson, Ph.D.



At Delano we shift from a standardized educational system and move forward with a progressive educational model that transforms students, classrooms, curriculum, teaching and administration by adapting to our changing world. Gifted learners require a unique educational environment that meets their needs and supports their learning journey. Private schools and public schools are not typically able to meet the needs of Gifted learners. Delano Academy specializes in Gifted Education. We are the only IB Gifted school in Vaughan.



Our goal is to give your child what they need to know and do for a world that will change by the time they graduate. We transform education by arming our students with 21st century competencies that are essential for their future success. The purpose of education and learning is to have our students ready for the world. Delano empowers every student to be world ready.


At Delano, teaching is INTERDISCIPLINARY

We teach what it means to be a Globally Competent citizen

We teach what it means to have Intercultural Understanding

We teach what it means to have Intercultural Fluency

We teach what is means to have Civic Literacy

We teach what it means to be Economically Independent 

We teach Health Literacy

We teach Environmental Literacy

We teach Technology Literacy


At Delano we prepare students with core COMPETENCIES

Critical and Creative thinkers

Innovators, and Problem Solvers

Effective collaborators and communicators

Self Initiated and Directed Learners

Leadership Development

Visionaries and Flexible thinking

Self Discipline

Pragmatic & Cross-Cultural skills


At Delano, REVOLUTIONARY learning looks like this:

Democratic classroom environments

Balanced Academics, Athletics & Arts

Continuously empowering students

Progressive & reflective teaching & administrative practices

Capacity building

Creating opportunities 

Balanced assessments

Strong disciplined training

Engaging EVERY student



Our students develop strength by Collaborating, they are Confident, and Curious.

Our students develop strong Character.

Our students are World Ready.


Ontario's Vision for Education

“Ontario schools need to be places where everyone can succeed in a culture of high expectations. They need to be places where educators and students value diversity, respect each other, and see themselves reflected in their learning. It is particularly im- portant to provide the best possible learning opportunities and supports for students who may be at risk of not succeeding. . . .

“. . . The fundamental principle driving this work is that every student has the opportunity to succeed, regardless of ancestry, culture, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, language, physical and intellectual ability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, socio-economic status or other factors.”

(Achieving Excellence, 2014, p. 8)


The IB supports the following principles of an inclusive education where: 

education for all is considered a human right 


•education is enhanced by the creation of affirmative, responsive environments that promote a sense of belonging, safety, self-worth and whole growth for every student 


•every educator is an educator of all students 


•learning is considered from a strength-based perspective 


•learning diversity is valued as a rich resource for building inclusive communities 


•all learners belong and experience equal opportunities to participate and engage in quality learning 


•full potential is unlocked through connecting with, and building on, previous knowledge 


•assessment provides all learners with opportunities to demonstrate their learning, which is rewarded and celebrated 


•multilingualism is recognized as a fact, a right and a resource 


•all students in the school community fully participate in an IB education and are empowered to 

exercise their rights and accept their responsibilities as citizens 


•all students in the school community have a voice and are listened to so that their input and insights 

are taken into account 


•all students in the school community develop the IB learner profile attributes and develop into inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect 


•diversity is understood to include all members of a community 


•all students experience success as a key component of learning.