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When you choose Delano Academy, you are offering your child the opportunity to be in a school that cares about your child and their future. Delano Academy has a reputation not only for its academic excellence but also for its student-centred focus that reminds your child to prioritize their wellness first. We provide the milieu for your child to reach their fullest potential in a supportive way that enriches their voice, self-esteem, attitude, discipline and work ethic.


Small class sizes 

Parental involvement

Dedicated & passionate educators

Rigorous and enriched learning

Balanced approach to education

Extracurricular Activities

Safe School

Instilling a love of learning

Discipline, etiquette and manners

Top reasons to choose Delano Academy

Students at Delano Academy appreciate the culture and community of this great school. A place where they are encouraged to participate in all its offerings and grow. They are supported, valued and known to the entire Delano community. We care about each student; this community fosters confidence and builds self-esteem. At Delano Academy, our students grow to become world-ready. 

Student Centered

Choosing private education at Delano translates to a bespoke approach to learning. Students are the school's primary stakeholders and we put tremendous effort into the whole experience for our students. Our objective is simple, to support our students in developing the 21st century skills that support them in a changing world. We prioritize your child's learning and wellness and support them in ways that coincide with our vision for student happiness and wellness.

Blended IB & Montessori PREP school Approach

At Delano Academy PREP school, learners are immersed in BOTH IB and Montessori

  • encouraged to think critically and solve complex problems

  • Promote independence to drive their learning

  • Blends the best of BOTH educational philosophies in one program for students in our North Maple Campus

  • Supervised by Montessori and IB teachers 

  • An environment that promotes high standards with balance and is nurturing, caring and student-centered

  • more culturally aware through the development of a second language 

  • able to engage with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world.

High Achieving

Delano has a competitive school culture in which our students are encouraged to develop their strengths and be risk-takers to seek out new challenges. This often helps to drive personal and collective achievement, with the process being valued as much as the outcome. Complemented by a rigorous co-curricular and extra-curricular programme, students participate in sports, technology, arts, service, leadership and an appreciation for intercultural learning. 

Academic Rigor

Guided by an IB framework, students learn the Ontario curriculum meaningfully. Delano Academy values critical thinking and real-world connections. Our school values the University pathway and promotes advanced-level standards.

Pastoral Care

At the core of our school is our incredible pastoral care and focus on student wellness. Students are taught and expected to participate and engage in all aspects of pastoral care to further support our attitude toward developing the whole child. Students learn what it means to be a leader, a change-maker and to have an impact. They are supported and encouraged through school-wide initiatives that include assemblies, weekly advisories, leadership, house teams, student services and support.

IB Approach

At Delano Academy IB Learners are

  • encouraged to think critically and solve complex problems

  • drive their own learning

  • a core part of educational programmes that can lead them to some of the highest-ranking universities around the world

  • more culturally aware through the development of a second language 

  • able to engage with people in an increasingly globalized, rapidly changing world.

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