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Vaughan's IB school for Gifted Students


All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual



Our school is a University Preparatory environment with exceptional standards and expectations.

The curriculum at Delano Academy is unique.

It meets the student's level and ability and challenges them with high academic standards.


Our curriculum challenges students across all disciplines and prepares students for advancement and leadership.


Our learning environment is customized. Therefore, students work at an individual pace where they would not typically have a customized approach to their education met at most traditional private or public schools.


Every student is assessed and evaluated carefully for individual placement. Our school is not a "one size fits all" approach. We customize learning for each Gifted Student.

Gifted Students work alongside high achieving and bright/gifted students and tend to excel together feeling safe in their learning environment.

Gifted students require supports beyond what is ordinarily provided in traditional private schools or Public/Catholic classrooms.

Delano Academy provides students with Acceleration and Enrichment in an IB learning environment.


Delano Academy is the only school in Vaughan that offers an IB education for Gifted students.

Students have learning expectations and outcomes that are fun, clear, challenging and flexible.


Gifted Students receive guidance and support from school advisors to help them with all aspects of school life including social matters, stress & anxiety, 

organizational management, emotional regulation and academic guidance.


Gifted students have met the following criteria for admissions:

  • Psychoeducation Assessment

  • School placement in public system

  • SSAT

  • Character Skills Snapshot

  • Interview

Our students need


Gifted students do not need MORE work.

They need MEANINGFUL work.

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