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Head of School's Welcome,

If you are going to dream for your child, then dream BIGGER.

Delano Academy was created on the vision to provide an exceptional learning environment where academic rigor is met with balanced education. Delano prepares students for university, and life.


With an intensive academic focus and  exceptional 21st teaching practices, there is an emphasis on providing students with a milieu based on best practices. Students access outstanding resources and facilities in all areas of their education, everyday. We are a school that values student centered learning and we appreciate evidenced based practices.

Delano is a forward thinking school in all areas of administration, environmental design, culture & curriculum. We have extraordinary expectations of our students and we are DREAM role-models. We want our students to achieve greatness and we provide them with a school that inspires students to be visionary, creative and critical thinkers.

Delano values globally minded thinking and innovation. Imagineering students are problem solvers, makers and doers. The Delano Archetype is a collaborator, has effective communication skills, is curious and confident.

Delano is a school that fosters creativity, passion, innovation, problem solving & critical thinking. We are not simply keeping up with a changing world and preparing students for University. We are preparing students for careers that are yet to be created and a future that has never been dreamed yet.



​Mrs. Sandy Palombo

M.Ed (York), B.Ed (OISE), SHon. BA (YORK) 


leader. mentor. visionary educator.

champion of children's rights


The origin of the school name Delano has English, Gaelic, Celtic, Jewish, French and Italian origin. Its' meaning is diverse but has been associated with the Alder Tree Grove. "The Alder Tree Grove reminds us of the need to blend strength and courage with generosity of spirit and compassion. There is a time to challenge things and a time to hold our peace.  The alder teaches us this discrimination and the need to see beneath the surface of things."

-The Wisdom of Trees, Jane Gifford.

Rolling Admissions


Private Tours Available

By Appointment



Thornhill Campus

200 Racco Parkway,

Vaughan, L4J 8X9


North Maple Campus

2600 Major Mackenzie

Maple, L6A 1C1


Tel: 905. 237. 7315

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Ministry of Education ID Number (BSID) 884533


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