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Delano Academy is a premier hockey preparatory IB school that offers the elite student-athlete rigorous athletic training and a world-class education. 

Athletes value the history, culture and vision for hockey in Canada as set forth by The Long Term Player Development Model (LTPD) for a future career in hockey with potential international success. 

Training at Delano Academy is rigorous and supports the total wellbeing of the athlete in developing mental, emotional, nutritional wellness as well as technical, tactical skills and overall conditioning.


The Delano athlete archetype respects the values of the IB learner and values the self, others, and the sport. The Delano athletes value the discipline and mindset for success on and off the ice. 

rigorous education

flexible schedule

exceptional facilities

Professional & certified coaches and trainers.



High performance elite athletes learn from the top.

All trainers and coaches are professional High Performance 1 certified.

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